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Aug. 2nd, 2009

Animation Meme

Taken from Holly because it amused me.

Because I hate clogging up people's feeds.Collapse )
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Jul. 23rd, 2009

(no subject)

x-posted from WordPress in case there were still people who were not aware of the tragic state of my life.

There has been a lot of silence on my part lately; partly because my life is just not that exciting, and partly because a lot of emotionally draining events have taken place. The one I am most concerned with occurred yesterday.

My dog, while chasing a deer, jerked something around in her back, keeled over and started screaming like there was no tomorrow. Her hind legs and tail are completely paralyzed. After wailing and twisting in agony for a few seconds while I stared in horror, she managed to throw herself onto her stomach and somehow managed to drag herself through half the yard on two legs, towards me. It was like watching war footage in which a soldier has lost his legs to a mine. I ended up screaming my head off for my mom to come downstairs while I raced to the dog, made her lay down and tried to calm her down.

It turns out even my mother heard the dog scream in pain – while she was on the second floor of our house, in the shower. Our house is a solid brick building and pretty good at naturally dampening down noises. My mom managed to fly downstairs, onto the lawn. I called the vet. I managed to barely keep it together. I don’t even want to get it into Lena’s panicked struggling when she realized we were going to move her, she was definitely going into shock and so was I.

We left her at the vets. They took x-rays. One of her discs has been compressing her spinal cord because she has an arthritic vertebra. When she ran, she must have jostled something and thus cut off feeling. The dog is high as a kite on pain killers from what I know, they’re treating her with steroids in hopes of the swelling going down. She has a 50-60% chance of recovery. If she doesn’t, we’ll have to put her down.

This is the most traumatic, awful thing that has ever happened to me. I just can’t forget how she screamed and fell. I’d like to express my thanks to everyone who’s been so supportive and willing to listen to my obsessive ramblings about the state of my dog. I am not ready to lose her yet. I want for her to live and chase stuff until she is eleven, twelve, thirteen, then pass away in her sleep the way she deserves. Yes, she may have injured herself doing something she loves and because she leads a high quality life, but she is still in pain right now, in a cage in a strange place and not home.

Jul. 3rd, 2009


I saw the Location Meme on someone else's LJ and, uh, I figured I might give it a shot. If I can reconstruct timelines.

Kaiserslautern, GER
Washington, D.C.
Heidelberg, GER
Würzburg, GER
Munich, GER
Stuttgart, GER
Sandhurst, ENG
Rockville, MD

I think there was some place in Florida SOMEWHERE in there . . .

Jun. 29th, 2009


So, in order to kill some time this week, my aunt and I stopped by Michael's because they were having a huge-ass sale yesterday. My aunt's been making a lot of jewelry lately, so I thought I might try my hand at it as well. I am not particularly good or talented at it, but the results are pleasing enough and now I actually have, you know, shit to wear and gifts to give. Onwards!







Update! Adding these two that I made earlier today.



Mar. 15th, 2009


I dislike PSAs. I truly do. Sometimes, however, they are necessary, especially when they are plain old common sense. OR SHOULD BE. Thus, excuse the following rant.

Ladies and gents, what I speak of is called basic hygiene.

When you are sick, please, don't cough into other people's faces. Don't cough or sneeze, covering your mouth, and then shake others' hands or touch them in other ways. When you are ill, carry hand sanitizer with you and use it before you touch something. When you use the bathroom, wash your hands. Don't wipe your noses on your sleeves, don't even put your hands near your eyes, nose and mouth because that is how you will become ill.

Most importantly, however, if you notice your health is deteriorating due to a cold and you happen to spend a lot of time in the music faculty, stay home. A large percentage of the music major population is made up by singers. When you pass on respiratory illnesses, a lot of people can be affected. I, for example, have a history of laryngitis on top of asthma and severe allergies. I am extremely susceptible to whatever bug you may be passing around. Do not expect me to be nice and charitable as you sit in the hallway waiting for our professor to start our chorus session, where fifty other students will be singing, as you whine "I have the flu."

When I got sick, I decided I wouldn't pass the "love" on. I wrote my professors a polite email stating that I was extremely sorry for not being able to come to class that day, but I was ill and didn't think anyone else deserved to spend the day retching over the toilet. My voice teacher and chorus professor replied with a heart-felt thank you for demonstrating common sense. Please, could everyone else display this as well?

Mar. 2nd, 2009


If you like dark urban fantasy and a lot of snark, action and lovable characters, please look into my favorite lady of the genre, Rob Thurman. The newest installment in her Leandros series, Deathwish, is being released tomorrow. I rarely beg, but I do think she's a wonderful writer and person who rescues abused dogs and would like to see her books promoted more. I'm doing my best to spread the word.

The list of books in which her writing appeared:

  • Nightife (March 2006)

  • Moonshine (March 2007)

  • Madhouse (March 2008)

  • Mistletoe and Wolfsbane (October 2008)

  • Deathwish (March 2009)

Her new book Trick of Light will be debuting this fall and will be the beginning of a series named Trickster. Ms. Thurman can be found on LiveJournal. I'm not exactly begging, but just making anyone who reads this aware of this awesome lady. I know I will be hitting Barnes & Noble hard tomorrow.

In other news, I will soon be posting a list of recommended authors and books, and books on my reading list. Or something. In the meantime, I have vowed to start writing again, potentially collaborating with my friend Anna. I am currently thinking about working with the story "The Giant Who Had No Heart In His Body," to be found here if you're interested.
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Feb. 11th, 2009



—Elizabeth Bishop

Summer is over upon the sea.
The pleasure yacht, the social being,
that danced on the endless polished floor,
stepped and side-stepped like Fred Astaire,
is gone, is gone, docked somewhere ashore.

The friends have left, the sea is bare
that was strewn with floating, fresh green weeds.
Only the rusty-sided freighters
go past the moon's marketless craters
and the stars are the only ships of pleasure.

The lyrics to the art song I am currently working on.

Feb. 8th, 2009


Has a "pirate" language setting.

This is the most awesome thing ever.

Feb. 4th, 2009


I had my first voice lesson today.

HOLY SHIT DID I SOUND TERRIBLE. And to make matters worse, Dr. D records the sessions so we have a reference where improvement and practice is concerned. Dear God I sounded awful on that recording, not to mention I thought she was teaching a thirteen-year-old rather than me. Ughhh.

Actually, it's pretty hilarious. And Mozart's Requiem is HARD to sing, by the way.

Jan. 25th, 2009

Another Day

LiveJournal ads confuse me. They keep reloading the ad for Tom Cruise's official website. It's like, REALLY? What interest do I have in Xenu or Cruise's crazy machinations? He's not even a good actor or anything, just a high-profile idiot who spends too much time hopping all over the media.

Anyway, Maryland is pretty neat so far. Despite the cat incident. He will pay for that. Vomiting all over the kitchen in order to expel his antibiotics = not cool.

This is why I like dogs. Dogs vomit when they're not feeling well. They're also not assholes without reason. I do miss the fuzzbucket, a lot - it would be nice to have a pet around to take for walks and such. One that won't try to scratch me while I'm walking past it, for one.

School starts tomorrow! I'm pretty grateful for my fairly decent schedule. Let's see how everything works out. I still haven't been called by the so-called TAs to arrange private voice lessons, which I hope will be remedied soon. I get that they're busy, but c'mon. Vocal Performance can't be that full as a major.
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